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What is Divorce?
What is a Collaborative Law Divorce?
   A Collaborative Law Divorce is a commitment to create a positive future for both spouses and for any children.
    It begins with a written agreement.  Everybody involved commits to focus their whole efforts on meeting the needs of both the husband and the wife, plus any children, as they move from a single household to separate lives.  They agree that they will work together to use what they had during the marriage to support what is needed to create the futures they each desire.
    They agree in writing that they will NOT take the details of the dissolution of their marriage to a judge to decide; that they will not even threaten to do so.  Instead they work out the details themselves in a series of "four way" meetings.  Some of those will be their attorneys, some with their coaches, some with both, and even with any other professionals the spouses may desire.
    They also agree that if going to court becomes "unavoidable", that if the parties simply have run out of ability to work together, then each spouse's attorney and any other professional involved in the Collaborative process will be disqualified from appearing in court for either spouse.  [You can see a longer description, including an "is it for you" section at]
What is a Collaborative Law Divorce Coach?
A bit about me.
And of course....Isn't this all going to cost a lot?
          In fact it is likely to cost less than a court battle and yield more satisfying results.

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"The ending of a marriage may not be easy,
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