carl Michael rossi,
M.A., J.D., L.P.C.

Collaborative Divorce Coach

What is Divorce?
What is a Collaborative Law Divorce?
What is a Collaborative Law Divorce Coach?
    Such a strong focus on meeting the needs of each person going forward requires a great deal of work and of working together.  Each of you will have to answer the questions:  "What do I want my life to look like going forward from here?" and  "What do I need in order to live the life I desire?"
    Your attorney needs the answer to that question in order to make sure that you are able to get what you need; but likely doesn't have the skills to help you determine what that is.  That's where I can help.  As a Coach I won't be doing therapy, but I do use some of my counseling skills and training to assist you as you work through the normal anger and fear and sadness to begin to see the life you desire.  I will work with you on stress reduction and anger redirection as you determine what is needed for you to move toward that life.

    You may also struggle with the notion of "Work together?  If we could work together we wouldn't be getting divorced!"
    As your Coach I will work with you to improve the communication skills you'll need for the meetings with your spouse.  And I'll be there in the sessions with you, supporting you as you and your spouse share with each other your desires and needs for the future and devise creative ways to meet both of your needs.  [Your spouse will have a Coach, too, who will do the same for him/her.]

    Based on both of your needs, we might discuss bringing in a single Financial Specialist to advise you both of ways of using the assets you have together to achieve the needs you each have going forward.

   If you two have children together, we will work together on the special concerns and needs of co-parenting.  We will always be focused on something you two almost certainly agree on: your desire for the best for your children.  If needed, we'll all talk about the possibility of bringing in a single Child Specialist to advise you both as to what might work best for your children.

A bit about me.
And of course....Isn't this all going to cost a lot?
          In fact it is likely to cost less than a court battle and yield more satisfying results.

If you would like to talk with me about your situation and how I can help, call me at 773-456-6558
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"The ending of a marriage may not be easy,
but you do not have to engage in a process that makes it harder.
 Let me help!"