carl Michael rossi,
M.A., J.D., L.P.C.

Collaborative Divorce Coach

What is Divorce?
    I see it as the reshaping of a relationship.  At the end of your marriage, you will have an "ex-spouse".  The fact of that relationship will continue "till death do you part".  What you have control over is the quality of that relationship.  Will it be strained and painful?  Or will it be peaceful and productive?  Only you two can determine that.
    When you hear the word "divorce", you likely think of a battle that takes place in court.  Husband and Wife fighting; lawyers arguing; bills mounting; and ultimately a judge deciding how you and your ex-spouse and your children are going to live your lives going forward.  And how you will split whatever money is left after all those bills.
    For a small number of people, that's the only way they can do it.  But it doesn't have to be that way.  For most people there is a better way.
What is a Collaborative Law Divorce?
What is a Collaborative Law Divorce Coach?
A bit about me.
And of course....Isn't this all going to cost a lot?
          In fact it is likely to cost less than a court battle and yield more satisfying results.

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"The ending of a marriage may not be easy,
but you do not have to engage in a process that makes it harder.
 Let me help!"