carl Michael rossi,
M.A., J.D., L.P.C.

Collaborative Divorce Coach

What is Divorce?
What is a Collaborative Law Divorce?
What is a Collaborative Law Divorce Coach?
A bit about me:
   I have been a Licensed Professional Counselor in Illinois for over 4 years.  I am also a licensed attorney in New York and Illinois with more than ten years of trial experience.  I am a trained Mediator.  For me, all of this comes together in working to facilitate your process through one of the most challenging transitions of your life.
    I was blessed with a very positive experience in my divorce.  After 20 years of being together, my wife no longer desired to be married.  And so our relationship changed in 1994.  Nine years later we remain very good friends and support and encourage each other in our separate lives.
    I know that many others have not had that same experience.  My desire is to help many more to have it.
    I am on the Boards of Directors of the International Academy of Collaborative Professionals  and of the Collaborative Law Institute of Illinois
And of course....Isn't this all going to cost a lot?
          In fact it is likely to cost less than a court battle and yield more satisfying results.

If you would like to talk with me about your situation and how I can help, call me at 773-456-6558
or email me at
cMr at CollaborativeDivorceCoach dot com

"The ending of a marriage may not be easy,
but you do not have to engage in a process that makes it harder.
 Let me help!"