Welcome Collaborative Professionals!!!
Welcome Curious Professionals!!!

    Welcome, Lawyers, Therapists, Coaches, Financial Planners....any professional involved in or considering involvement in the exciting, satisfying, approach to dispute resolution that is known as Collaborative Law.

    This approach starts with a very simple, yet radical commitment by those involved.  The commitment is made in writing that this dispute WILL NOT go to court.  The parties and their lawyers agree that they will do all in their power to resolve the dispute in a manner which addresses the needs and interests of BOTH parties.  No one says, "give me this" or we're going to court.  And if one party, or both, should happen to change her/his mind and decide that they want to have someone else make these decisions, then BOTH lawyers are out and both parties have to hire new lawyers to go to court.

If you are already involved or want to be, please join the CollabLaw listserve.  There are 200+ professionals on the list sharing questions and perspectives. 
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If you want to learn more, check out the IACP site, which also has information about and links to individual Collaborative Practice groups throught the United States and Canada.
You would be well served also by joining the
International Academy of Collaborative Professionals.
Trainings, standards, development, marketing...all are covered within the Academy.
A wonderful resource for information and training and support as you consider doing things a bit differently is the
Rennaissance Lawyer Society.

Another group which offers the opportunity to share notions of how lawyers may better serve their clients and themselves is the
International Alliance of Holistic Lawyers.