M.A., J.D., L.P.C.

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Chicago, IL 60647

Building the skills of counselors at law.

Services and fees:

I offer Group Seminars: An engaging Lecture / Question-Answer format that touches on the common difficulties attorneys encounter in communicating with clients. We’ll talk about where those blocks come from, how they make your practice more difficult and time consuming and how they can be minimized or avoided entirely.

Four Hours - $600.00

I offer Group Workshops: Up to 20 persons. In the Workshop, we’ll cover the theory of communication, the common roadblocks to it, how those most often appear in the Lawyer/Client relationship. We’ll do exercises to experience the effects of these impediments and the impact when they are removed. The workshop is ideally done in two days separated by 2 days to one week. Although it can also be done as a single day or as two days in row.

Per 6 hour day - $1000.00

Both the Seminar and the Workshop are appropriate as part of a larger presentation on Mediation or Collaborative Law. The skills that I foster are essential to the effective use of any method of Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Priced by negotiation.

I offer Individual Consulting or Coaching with attorneys for general focus on communication issues or in connection with specific difficult matters. This can also be done with the attorney and the client.

By phone - $100 per hour

In person - $125 per hour

Location is not a factor. Cover my travel expenses, and I will come to your firm or your group wherever you are.

I am also honored to do presentations to groups about the importance and benefits of improving oral communication in the Legal profession. I mostly do these pro bono, though I am always open to an honorarium!