Communication Skills



       Being able to spot an issue is a very valuable skill for any attorney.  What we are trained to do is to discern whether within the collection of facts there are the particular elements of a viable claim or defense.  Cutting through the "extraneous" stuff to get to "what's important" is what makes for a good lawyer, right?
        Not according to many clients.  That approach to listening - for the facts that the lawyer sees as important - frequently causes clients to believe that the lawyer doesn't see the client as important.  This can cause tension between the lawyer and client who doesn't perceive the lawyer as being on his/her "side".  Which can result in the loss of that client and future referrals.
        Does any of this sound familiar?  Would you like to do something about it?  Improve the quality of your relationship with your clients?  Increase the volume of your referrals?  Make it obvious to your client that you DO care about him/her?
        All this is possible.  And it does not require that you put aside the skills you have spent years developing in order to be an effective issue spotter.  It involves adding skills to your collection.  Skills of Effective Listening.

    Would you like to develop those skills?  I would like to help.

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Here is an article I wrote for the Alliance of Holistic Lawyers describing some of the inherent difficulties lawyers face in effectively listening to their clients.

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