New WHAT iors ?!?!?

   A good part of the reason that I am here in Chicago is due to the New Warrior Training Adventure.  I was visiting my family here in Chicago for the Christmas holidays when the camper, in which I had been traveling across the US in search of my next home, broke down.  While I waited for the necessary parts I thought I was "stuck" here, and looked for ways to fill the 6 weeks it ended up taking to get the parts.
    One of the things that happened as I filled the time, was I met a man.  And he saw in me how truly stuck I was, and how my wandering wasn't getting me unstuck.  He suggested I call a men's group called New Warriors.  One thing I was aware of  was how much I wanted a connection with men.  No, how much I wanted to learn to be a man.
    The short is, I went to "the weekend".  And learned enough about myself that I wanted to stay for the 3 months of follow-up meetings with the men I had "gone through with."
     That was in February of 1996.  Eight years later I'm still here.  Still growing.  Still learning more about me.  It's been the single most unexpected wonderful journey of my far.

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We are an order of men called to reclaim the sacred masculine for our time through initiations, trainings and action in the world.


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