Your relationship with your spouse is about to change.  It is changing from "married" to "used to be married".  Yes, divorce is the next step.
        But how do you handle all the details?  Divorce is not simply an ending, it is a new beginning.  How you handle all the details will determine how you and your spouse get along in the new relationship you are beginning.
        You can choose to do battle.  You can choose to let someone else decide who gets what.
        Or you can choose to work with your spouse.  Work with each other to address the needs, interests and objectives each of you have for the future and decide how best to meet those needs, interests and objectives.

        As a mediator, I act as a NEUTRAL third party.  I don't take sides; I assist each party in framing their needs and hearing the needs of the other.  I don't give advice; I assist the parties in finding answers that work for both of them.

        You may engage in mediation at any time.  About the entire divorce, or only about particular issues that are difficult for you and your spouse to work out.
        You may each have your own attorney - in fact I will encourage it.  You may decide to involve additional professionals as needed - accountants or counselors.
        And when you two return to me with the information and support that you need, I will present you with a neutral person who will allow you two to decide what to do about all that information.
        At the end of the process, I will present you with a memorandum stating the details as you two agreed to them.  This you will present to your attorneys for review and conversion into the formal orders of your divorce decree.

        And then you two will begin your new lives.  With what you need to fulfill your interests and objectives.
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  • Certificate from DePaul University in Family and Divorce Mediation
  • J.D. from Fordham University
  • M.A. from Notre Dame University